Unpleasant odours in dykes is mainly a problem of the coastal towns during the summer months. But also in the midland there is such an odour nuisance.

With our watermanagement system that is tailored to the sewage system, it is possible to move the environment in the sewer in the aerobic range. By shifting the environment into the aerobic range, additional effects such as reduction of corrosion in the sewer pipes and  sewer shafts arise. By the addition of atmospheric oxygen, the sludge-degrading bacteria are activated and relieves the sewage treatment plants.

In terms of environmental protection and -compatibility our watermanagement system is preferable to the use of chemicals. Also, the cost aspect commend it. However, not all sewer networks are suitable for such treatment. An investigation of your sewer networks is meaningful to check if our watermanagement system system is economical worthwhile applicable.




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