DANA Irrigation System is an subterranean irrigation system for industrial agriculture, with an water distribution of kilometres.

It is an under the floor (direct on the roots) irrigation system made from special warped polyurethane (PUR) tubes. The system depth depends on the type of soil and the root structures of the plants. The laying depth is usually between 10 and 50 cm. This means that the DANA irrigation system can remain in the ground with the same root depth.

The double wall tubes with built-in filters have a self-cleaning mechanism, a root ingrowth lock and ensure the low-pressure range of between 0,4 and 4 bar for a consistent water delivery.

According to requirements the plants are being supplied by precisely the right amount of waterMeasuring devices control the soil moisture and adjust computer controlled the water inflow. In so doing  the water consumption dropped by concurrent increasing of the crop. Targeted to the course of growth the needed fertilizer or oxygen can be admixed to the water. This saves additional costs and is environmentally friendly. And also important: the soil compaction will be reduced!

Our precised dosed irrigation system stands for optimal water and nutrient supply and leads to an average yield increase of over 30% while simultaneously an average till to 90% less water is a "must" in todays water management and equires almost no maintenance.

The system can be operated worldwide fully automatic via Remote Access. Due to its underground installation, DANA irrigation system is far more durable than conventional irrigation systems. Please contact our experts for any queries.




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