Under the floor irrigation which achieved till to 90% less water is a "must" in todays water management.

The  DANA irrigation system is made of  pressure-compensating plastic (PUR) double-walled specially shaped tubes. The irrigation system is manufactured to the respective requirements with regard to the holes. The built in membrane with inside fleece filters have a self-cleaning mechanism, root growth is prevented and ensure the low-pressure range of between 0,4 and 2 bar for a consistent water delivery. Smaller impurities in the water cannot clog the micro-holes. This means that gray water can be used for irrigation.

According to requirements the plants are being supplied by precisely the right amount of water - and if required - precisely fertilizer.

If soil analyzes are available, oxygen can be systematic inserted to improve the soil quality.

Measuring devices control the soil moisture and adjust computer controlled the water inflow. In so doing  the water consumption dropped by concurrent increasing of the crop. Targeted to the course of growth the needed fertilizer can be admixed to the water. This saves additional costs and is environmentally friendly. And also important: the soil compaction will be reduced!

The  PUR-tubes are produced in Germany.




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