Who we are

We are innovators first. One of our members, the non profit HighShip Material Science Research Foundation, Hamburg do research since 2010 for renewable raw materials,  new transportation systems and saving water resources.

Out of the enormoust R & D results and further developments as well as the derivative from our shareholders we start in 2017 with the precision under the floor irrigation for agriculture and forestry.

With the DANA irrigation system we protect the entire environment.This technology allowing holes produced to your agricultural requirements, reduces siginficantly the water consumption, revitalize the soil, save fertilizer and have a life time over 10 years.

To save water in every stage, to revitalize the soil and to take care of our envoirement  is not just a business to us. It's an attitude.

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture and outdoor landscape irrigation together consume 70% of the global fresh water supply, while each continent is struggling to access safe, reliable water reserves.

Precision under the floor irrigation is an approach to agriculture that empowers growers to produce higher yields of better-quality crops – with less resources. Meanwhile DANA have established an irrigation and fertigation management system to integrate real-time monitoring, smart analysis, and control that follows your crop stages and gives real-time irrigation and fertigation recommendations. It increases water productivity and fertilizer-use efficiency.

Our goal is a simple one – to make precision under the floor irrigation the most accessible and effective solution for growers around the world.





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