As the DANA System can use for a hugh of appllications please find some informations below. Please contact us for any queries.


We support our customers to achieve higher yields with less water and fertilizer resources.  We constantly define new ways to preserve the envoirement. Our intelligent DANA irrigation system  that precisely tailored and produced to meet the needs of the particular soil and the plantation.

Precision irrigation feeds the plant, not the soil. Delievering water, nutrients and fertilizer straight to the roots, you lower your costs and you grow higher yields of healthier crops.



Public green areas that are optimally supplied with water can fulfil their climate task in urban areas in an excellent way. According to the water supply to a green area, the more effectivly it influence the microclimate.  In addition the value retention and functionality of the plantation is secured and the need for care of the vital and assertive green is reduced.

With traditional overhead irrigation solutions, water is wasted through evaporation, wind overspray, mist or surface run-off. With DANA irrigation system landscape water is applied directly to the plant's root zone.


Convert desert to fruitful land

With our DANA system and together with our experts it is possible to prepare and recover desert soil  into fruitful land. This is part of a master project. Further information can be obtained in a personal negotiation.



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